At HR Solutions Group of West Michigan, we actively support our clients through legislative changes that affect HR practices and compliance.  Recent legislative changes require specific policy, process and payroll changes for many employers.    

Legalization of Marijuana in Michigan – Employers may have to redefine policies if they wish to remain a drug free workplace or develop new policies to integrate these allowed changes.  HR Solutions Group of West Michigan has already helped many clients navigate this evolving area in a way that aligns with their work environment and culture while maintaining compliance.

Michigan Paid Medical Leave Act – This legislation passed in December of 2018 and goes into effect on March 29, 2019.  This law will require up to 40 hours of paid time off to eligible hourly employees for issues ranging from employee health conditions or that of family members, domestic violence, sexual assault and public health emergencies that close the workplace, schools or daycare.  Complexities ranging from part-time hour eligibility tracking and interactions with many policies including; attendance, FMLA and vacation make the implementation toward compliance challenging.  The legislation allows many different strategies to reach compliance, so we are working with each client to understand their culture, workforce, operational needs and existing policies to create the best solution. 

Key starting point questions to ask:

  • Do you have 50 or more individuals (employees and temporary staff) nationwide requiring compliance with Michigan Paid Medical Leave Act?

  • Have you established a policy and timekeeping process to track eligibility and accruals?

  • Do your existing policies meet the thresholds for compliance for both full and part-time eligible employees?

  • Is your Employee Handbook updated?

  • Do you have a communication plan for your employees and Managers?

  • Will you be ready by March 29, 2019?

At HR Solutions Group of West Michigan, we welcome a conversation to understand your needs and to provide solutions in this complex and changing environment. Please contact Renee Goodemoot, Consulting Services Manager at or 616-719-5372 to set up a time for us to collaborate on best practices and policy approaches.